Membership in the National Environment and Recreation Research Association is provided free of charge to recreation and tourism professionals, academics, and students. To be added to the NERRA list serve, please contact NERRA President Alan Graefe at "".
Friends of NERRA
 NERRA Executive Officers:   CEO:  Alan Graefe (2018 – 2021);   Secretary: Ellen Drogin Rodgers (2018 – 2020); Treasurer: Andy Holdnak (2019 – 2022)  [Note: Current transition from Craig Miller]   

NERRA Council: Carla Barbieri (2018 – 2021); Kelly Bricker (2018 – 2021); Diane Kuehn (2018 – 2021);   Jim Absher (2018 – 2020); Philip Wang (2018 – 2020); I-Chun (Nicky) Wu (2018 – 2020);   Andy Holdnak (2018 – 2019); Jerry Vaske (2018 – 2019); Clifton Watts (2018 – 2019)  

NERRA Scholarship Committee: Hung-Ling (Stella) Liu (Chair); Ellen Drogin Rodgers; Laurie Harmon; Andy Holdnak; Dave Klenosky  

NERRA Website Committee: Diane Kuehn (Chair)  

NERRA Fundraising and Raffle Committee: Kelly Bricker (Co-Chair); Sharon Todd (Co-Chair)  

NERRA Marketing and Promotions Committee: Kelly Bricker (Chair); Craig Miller; Jerry Vaske  

NERRA Communications: 
Social Media: John Confer (Chair)  
Social Networking: Sara Brune; Sonja Wilhelm Stanis; Kathryn Stevenson  

NERRA International Committee: Bob du Lee (Chair)  

NERRA Nominations Committee: Carla Barbieri; Ellen Drogin Rodgers; Alan Graefe; Craig Miller; Chuck Nelson; Clifton Watts